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  • Improve market competitiveness
  • Add protection to consumers
  • Avoid unnecessary risks and costs

What our business partners say about us

We grow with our partners

  • As the owner of a car dealership, I always want to provide customers with more high quality service, and AUCN has helped me achieve this goal.

    Manager of Allen Auto



    The used car sales business is highly competitive and there are many competing car dealers in one area. Allen needs to provide customers more protection, attract more customers by guaranteeing the quality of his cars.


    AUCN provides professional used car history report for each car, which is placed on the front windshield of the car. Buyers can easily know the historical conditions of all vehicles for sale in Allen’s store. It helps Allen sell more cars after using this service.

  • We provide online car trading service for both car dealers and private buyers. We hope to create a fair and transparent online car trading environment to help more buyers buy their cars.

    CMO of Australian Car Network



    For online car trading website, it is necessary to provide valuable information to our users, so that users will be willing to spend more time on our website to choose the car.


    AUCN team developed an API interface for Australian Car Network to adapt to their website. Any vehicle displayed on AUCN’s website will be accompanied by an online version of the AUCN report.


What we can do for our business partners

We have different solutions for different partners


AUCN Report helps users build trust with dealerships. The used car trading market is a typical lemon market. There is information asymmetry between buyers and sellers. AUCN can help them with this problem.

Car trading website

Online car trading websites need a lot of attention and online traffic, User number is the most important indicator for a website. AUCN can help those websites become more attractive by professional car history report service.

Insurance and finance companies

Before the company offers a vehicle insurance or loan to a customer, it is more helpful for the company to make the right business decision by fully understanding the history of the vehicle. AUCN can handle this.

API users

AUCN provides API products for specific customers and help customers integrate AUCN services into their own services. Everything can be customized, as long as customers have requires, we have solutions.

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